Rad+ Player Engagement

Through our unique in-game loyalty system, Rad+, we’ve built an ecosystem that crosses all of our Radi8 games, bringing a never-before-seen gambling gamification experience to players.

Increase Player Loyalty

Our Rad+ bonus engine keeps players engaged by giving additional rewards for placed bet.

Thrilling In-Game Features

Players have more chances to win with Rad+ by using their Radcoins to exchange for in-game features.

Level Up Player Loyalty

With the Rad+ Level Up journey, players will receive milestone bonuses and new level statuses.

Mobile Optimisation

Our Radi8 games are optimized for a graphically rich and tactile mobile gaming experience.

How does Rad+ works?

Rad+ is Radi8's in-game loyalty system which rewards players with Radcoins (loyalty coins) on every spin wagered. These coins can be used anytime, in any Radi8 game, to improve the chances of winning and/or generate bigger winnings.

Play any Radi8 game.

Earn Radcoins on wagers placed.

Radcoins can be used to buy in-game Boosters and Loot Boxes.


When a player places a wager they are rewarded a number of Radcoins which are collected in the players's Radcoin wallet. All Radcoins acccumalated can be accessed and used across any of the games in the Radi8 range.

Whenever a wager is placed, the Radcoin gauge grows.

When the gauge reaches the end, players will earn more Radcoins. The player will see their earned Radcoins fall into their Radcoin wallet.

Level Up

Players on Radi8 games can earn milestone rewards and level up their ranks to get exclusive benefits such as earning more Radcoins faster. All Level Up points and progress will be carried over across Radi8 games so players can continue their reward journey.

Level up point

Accumulate level up points and move up the ranks!

Level up ranks

Players on Radi8 series of games can level up from 1 to 8 through spins!

Earn Radcoins and Boosters

Players will accumulate level up points and receive Radcoins and Boosters during their progress, Radcoins and Boosters will automatically credit into players profile.

Radcoins Boost Status

Players will receive Radcoins Boost Status during Rad+ level up Season. The level up points and received rewards will reset BUT the player’s level up rank and received boost status will continue through to the next Season. This bonus effect only applies for players who are Level 5 and above. Additional status will expire before the next season begins!

Free-Spin & Wild Boosters

The player has a chance to win Free Spin Boosters, these Boosters offer a chance to win without using any funds from the players wallet. Wild Boosters give players' a chance to win with a higher payout math model, however, it requires a stake contribution from the player's wallet.

Free-Spin Booster

Free Spin Boosters give players a free round in the game.

Lite Free-Spin Booster

An affordable version of the Spin Booster.

Super Free-Spin Booster

Super Free Spin Booster triggers an in-game bonus feature that can pay big!

Wild Booster

Wild Boosters trigger at least one Rad+ Wild symbol on the reels. Every Wild Booster still requires a bet on usage.

Super Wild Booster

Super Wild Boosters trigger 3 consecutive spins on one bet that drops extra Rad+ Wilds on the reels for big payout potential.

Loot Boxes

Radcoins can be used to purchase and open four different types of Loot Boxes for a guaranteed prize. The prizes include bonus Radcoins, Boosters to increase the players chances of winning and big cash prizes!

Quick Box

A gateway for new players to increase their chances of buying Boosters faster.

Plus Box

The most accessible box for the players to receive free spins and cash.

Luxury Box

A chance for players to win big, made for players who seek big payouts.

Jackpot Box

Designed for big bettors, a chance to win the big cash prize!


Game Distribution

We aggregate 3rd party games suppliers into Asian markets, support building a go-to-market and distribution strategy.



Our commercial and marketing team design tailor-made campaigns for our operators with customisable prizes.

Challenge your players

Online events give players additional prizes when they complete tasks during the campaign period.

Powerful Platform

Our powerful platform that powers up three unique brands through one hassle-free integration, allowing partners to access online casino games through one unified back-office that offers amazing flexibility.

Seamless & Stable

Our technology is design to the most modern standards in one single platform with one unified interface.

User Friendly

Through a simple and friendly user interface, maximise player engagement, launch tournament promotions and many more.


Our platform allows us to adjust game RTP's, bet increments and configure rewards across games with one adaptable API interface.

Player Insights

Real-time data is available at a glance via a smart dashboard panel which displays key metrics, campaigns and valuable data.

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