Radi8’s EDGE: A New Beginning

Rad+, the cross-game engagement and loyalty system that is tied to Radi8 games was first introduced in 2018. After 2 years of keeping players engaged in playing Radi8’s online slots, Rad+ will be going through a series of enhancements and will be renamed as Edge.

In a nutshell, Radi8’s Edge is the same system as Rad+, however, it has undergone a revamp in how players engage with its features so that players get the best with the least hassle during their gameplay. Here are some key highlights of Edge:

  • Radcoins will be called Reward Coins and will act as a free bonus wallet, letting players spin with any bet value as they would with their cash wallet, free of charge.
  • Inventory Boosters will be removed from the shop with future features like Jump-to-Feature replacing it soon.Level Up milestone reward will exchange all booster rewards for more Radcoins, giving players more flexibility on how to use their earnings.
  • Loot Boxes will give away Reward Coins and cash only as Boosters will be deprecated.

Here are some differences you may notice when you log into any Radi8 game,

Once you click on “Reward Coins” you are able to access the following in the control panel

You will arrive at this screen where the spin button is replaced by Reward Coin symbol

If you click on “Bet Settings” you will be able to modify the amount of Reward Coins to spin.

You can also purchase from a selection of Loot Boxes with the Reward Coins you received. There is a progress bar to indicate if you have enough Reward Coins to open them. Only 3 boxes gives players Cash.

As you spin you will level up, and levelling up will now give you more Reward Coins. In other words, as you play any Radi8 games, you will get more Reward Coins than just spinning to win on the base game.

These changes will bring Radi8’s Edge to the next level of slot play empowerment and winning edge that more and more slot players are seeking.


12 May 2021

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10 May 2021

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