Crystal Crater, a game with options during feature mode

Crystal Crater is developed on a story of an alien crystal hunting mole in search of precious stones, it searches all possible deep space caves in hopes of striking a fortune. Crystal Crater is a 4 x 5 slot game with 50 pay lines using combinations of Citrine, Red Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds. Low paying symbols are made of these stones in poker symbols (spades, hearts, clubs, diamonds). Wilds are Diamonds whereas Scatter symbols are Coloured Quartz labelled with Bonus. Free Spins bonus will be trigger when you gathered 3 Coloured Quartz, you will be prompted to make a selection of Free Spins and Wilds combination or the Mystery Choice of predefined selection of Random Wilds and Free Spins to offer up to 5–7 Random Wild symbols in 20 free spins.

With every spin, the crystal digging weasel travels deeper into the cave, upon receiving 3 similar symbols from left to right will result in a win.

Random Wild Bonus and Stacked Diamonds Wilds

Random Wilds Bonus will occur during the game that will increase the chances of winning big. While, Stacked Diamonds Wilds increasing the matching opportunities on the reel resulting in paylines match.

Crystal Crater’s Feature

Our Internal Testdrive

Crystal Crater’s special feature allows players to choose several options of Free Spins and Wilds including a mystery choice option with predefined selection of Free Spins and Wilds. Players will be given four options

Option 1: Mystery Choice
Option 2: 2–3 Wilds + 20 Free Spins
Option 3: 3–5 Wilds + 10 Free Spins
Option 4: 5–7 Wilds + 5 Free Spins

If a player bets $250 on per spin and use the above feature, you will receive up from $7,125 to $19,725 payout. Our test run leveraging on the third option, 5–7 Wilds and 5 Free Spins, will result you in a favourable win compared to the others. Coupled with our Rad+ system, your big win on wager will win even more with Radcoins and use of Boosters and Lootboxes.


12 May 2021

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10 May 2021

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