Game Designer shares “behind-the-scenes” of Wynloch Keep

We talked to our Game Designer, Mark Ramsey, on our latest release Wynloch Keep by Radi8 Games to find out what triggered his ideas in designing the game. Wynloch Keep is Radi8’s only game that has a reverse cascading feature along with mystery stack feature that enable players to win even more!

Question: Does Wynloch Keep have a storyline?
Mark: Wynloch Keep is an adventure story, a nod to vintage Dungeons and Dragons modules.
It is set in turbulent late first millennium AD Europe when there were Viking settlements, new Kings and old Lords all vying for power and land.
The castle keep of Wynloch was ruled by a powerful King whose conquest, wealth, and power are unmatched in lore and legend.

Some say the King was driven mad for his lust for gold was great. Some say he made a deal with the dark lords themselves. All say, only unbound adventures and untold treasures await your journey to Wynloch Keep.

Question: What is the concept behind Wynloch Keep?
Mark: The idea of you have already won, now let’s see how much, is the core concept. We then take this core concept and add more anticipation with growing reels, mystery stacked symbols and bonus triggers.

Regular cascade slots remove wins, and you have a new result that you might win, or not. In our reverse cascade, wins lock (wynloch !!) and in the next cascade you can win more, not only new combos, but adding to the current one. The mystery stacked symbols add nice big stacks to the max of 6×5 reels including wilds, so you can imagine filling them up with big wins.

Treasure coins scatters also lock in the cascades with award values up to 100X for a single coin! As you hit these coins in the base game, especially if you hit some high pay ones, you really want the cascades to drop more coins to trigger the bonus.

The bonus carries over the coins you collected in the triggering spin. Free spins reset with every new coin, and with more coins, unlock Jackpot levels. Players win Jackpots up to 2500X and all the money from all the coins they collected for some really solid payouts.

Question: How is this Wynloch Keep different from other Radi8 Games?
Mark: We really focus on game flow and experience. The game is fairly volatile and has a real “roller coaster” feel. We wanted something that you can spin for a long time and not get irritated by the experience while chasing those Jackpots and Big Win combos. You can comfortably set this game on autospin, and let it go. It does not drain your attention yet grabs it when it needs to.

The interesting reverse cascade, multi anticipation mechanics and game flow are what sets this game apart.

Question: What would you expect your players to react? 
Mark: This game is glass of scotch, not a triple vodka slime. It has a warm, non-obtrusive feel, yet has strong pull toward the center rewards of the Jackpots.

The potential is there, and that journey is supported with a really smooth game progression.

Players will appreciate this attention to experience and quality, just like a fine scotch.

Question: Did COVID-19 affect the production of Wynloch Keep?
Mark: This game was in our production pipeline when COVID hit the world. We were very fortunate to have our staff safe and accounted for. However, it did take its toll. Through all of the hardships and challenges, this game was the outcome. We are very proud of this game, because it represents the courage, professionalism, passion, and strength of our Genesis Gaming family.

Thank you Mark for his time and sharing the “behind-the-scenes” of this highly anticipated title. Check out the cinematic trailer of Wynloch Keep here, this highly anticipated game will be available from 18 November.



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