9 steps to produce awesome graphics in online slots

Genesis Gaming’s games are developed out from their Las Vegas studio, the lean and mean team had successfully designed and developed more than 100 slot games. Graphics and effects are considered as one of the crucial elements to provide a player not only the entertainment value but also the satisfaction from an audio-visual perspective.

The Las Vegas team initiates a 9 step approach to craft an excellent slot game.

Step 1: We start by tossing around ideas for a theme with the product group.

Step 2:Once the theme is agreed on we then do a brainstorm with the art crew to set some baselines for the design.

Step 3:Next we do visual and cultural research to make sure we are on the right track with the design.

Step 4: After the research the artist will create 2-3 initial rough designs for approval from the product group.

Step 5:The approval process will look at the design from multiple perspectives to assure it meets all of Genesis standards.

Step 6:While the artist is finalizing static art they are pushing assets into animation and preparing for a final sign-off with product on all static art.

Step 7: While the artist is finalizing assets the animator(s) are exploring and creating mockups to solve gameplay and math concerns.

Step 8: Once these animated assets and demos are created we again meet with the product team for a final sign-off on all assets, when approved we package all final optimized static and animated assets for delivery to the game client group for assembly in our framework.

Step 9: We then meet on a regular basis to review the implementation of all assets so we can tweak, modify or change to achieve the best possible game delivery.


After these 9 steps, the assets are repackaged and made available for operators to download before the game is launched. All Genesis game assets are also available on Genesis Gaming website.


12 May 2021

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10 May 2021

Online gambling experts Smartcasinosguide.com partners with Genesis Gaming

Smartcasinosguide.com partnership with Genesis Gaming


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