At the Bronco Ranch with Lead Game Designer, Mark Ramsey

“Feel the adventure of storm riding trail cowboy, Cash Hawkins, on the range as he drives his wild horses back to the Bronco Ranch. No storm can hold him back, fearless, and strong. Just man against nature. A man against the odds…”

Actually, being from “big sky country” in North America, I wanted to make a game that celebrated Western culture. I did not want the wild west, sheriffs, saloons, train robbers, and so on from 200 years ago. That stuff has been done to “red” death. If there is anything that symbolizes the true Western spirit, it’s the horse.

Horses are the focal point of the game. They are the top paying symbol, and the “always nudging mega multiplier wilds” (lol… say that fast three times!). The top paying mustangs are also the transformation symbols, so you really get this feeling of a stampede as the free spins ramp up.

The color palette of the game was kept in the sepia range to give the feeling of dusk and there is a storm coming. Also, not to distract too much from the reels and game play. I like the horses that run in and add that extra energy when the game starts picking up. The art and character symbols of Cash and Rossa (yes, they have names!) are top tier.

The music was arranged to be more of a sweeping modern country feel that transitions into more of a country rock vibe. I didn’t want to go “too country” so it’s a bit of a modern cross-genre mix. I think it’s very fitting.

What I most like about the game is the bonus. I like the music and stampeding horses a lot. It’s fun and gets exponentially more exciting. It also has a multi-experience element to it. Once you get in, you can see how many symbols you can transform. In one session you probably won’t get them all unless you are pretty lucky. It keeps me coming back though, because I know that if I transform them all, the payouts are going to be a massive maxed out championship of cash.

In conclusion, it is a theme I like, tastefully put together, easy on the eyes, exciting bonus game and can pay out up to 12,000x your wager. Done deal. Its slot entertainment done right.


12 May 2021

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10 May 2021

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