Sea Raider

Sea Raider is an adventurous arcade style game that offers high-payout upon completing all boss modes

Together with multiple ammunition options that offers different payout rate with auto fire settings, faster bullets and more boss appearances!

Game Highlights

  • Three levels and Boss modes that brings immersive and exciting gameplay.
  • Random reward opportunities in the form of Treasure Chest and level-up Pearls.
  • Leverage even faster and bullets that rebound until they hit to concur and become the King of the Sea.
  • Immerse into the excitement of shooting with a variety of weapons to choose from.

Bonus Features

  • Collect 5 Pearls to challenge different boss levels
  • Finish bosses on each level to progress through different scenes and background
  • Capture all three bosses to win the grand prize! They are the key to the hidden treasures of the world

Game Specifications




Return To Player




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Other information

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