Ganesh Blessing

Radi8’s Ganesh’s Blessing is a 4 reel, 20 lines online casino slot game featuring a 360 degree rotation reel as bonus feature

Brace yourself for a once in a lifetime opportunity to prosper with the god of success, Ganesh! Inspired by Hindu mythology, Ganesh’s Blessing sends players on a mysterious adventure to win in this magical online casino slot game!

Assist Ganesh to find his palfrey by collecting 3 or more Lucky Mouse Scatters and win 8 Free Spins. In return, he will summon his might to rotate the reels and re-match each free spin four times to maximize the wins!

Supported languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and Korean.

Game Play Features:

  • Hit 3 scatters to unlock 8 Free Spin bonus.
  • Each free spin in the bonus feature rotates reels 90-degrees for more matches and wins.

Game Highlights:

  • Unique and rewarding bonus feature.
  • Captivating Hindu mythological storyline.
  • Game characters that bring blessing to the players.

Game Specifications


Rad+ Enabled




Return To Player




Feature Frequency



Other information

About Radi8:
Radi8 is one of Genesis Gaming’s product lines. What differentiates Radi8 games is the powerful in-game loyalty platform designed to help extend game play and increase player lifetime value. Players accumulate Reward Coins which can then be used to improve their chances of winning while playing. The Radi8 portfolio of games are designed with optimisation for mobile in mind, to attract a new breed of players who are looking to not only win big but enjoy a highly immersive and entertaining gaming experience, indoors and on-the-go.

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