Crosstown Chicken

Crosstown Chicken is a 5 reel, 25 line online slot game with three exciting bonus features!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

An age-old question, but Priscilla J. Clucksalot and her friends might just have the answer. Priscilla and her Hen friends are on an exciting Las Vegas vacation, but got stuck on the other side of the road from all the casinos! Help them race to the famous casino so they can hit it rich!

Which chicken will cross the road first? Three Chickens, each with different feature multipliers, racing to get to the features,encourages players to pick a favorite and keep on playing to watch it get across the road to trigger the bonus feature. This game play adds an element of anticipation to keep players engaged.

Get the big wins and help Priscilla get into the amazing casino and find out what eggciting games and prizes can be won on the other side of town!

Bonus Feature

The base game begins with 3 chickens on the left side of the reel window. The right side of the reel window has3 Feature Hotels, each representing a different bonus feature game. During the Base Game spins, Crosswalk symbols allows a chicken to cross the reel to the next reel divider. When a chicken arrives at one of the feature Hotels, that feature is triggered! Also, each chicken is assigned a random multiplier, which applies to the whole feature it triggers.

  • Eggscalibur Free Spins: The player is awarded with 10 free spins with a Stacked Wild symbol.
  • Hard-Boiled Egg Wheel: The player is awarded with spins of the Egg Wheel. The Wheel has 10 Eggs. A credit prize is awarded when the wheel spins and the player lands on a Golden Egg. After the credits are awarded, that Egg will turn to a Stopper. The player will continue to Spin the Wheel until a Stopper is spun up.
  • Chicken Caesars Pick: The player picks Golden Eggs, each revealing either a Credit Award, Increase to Multiplier or a Collect. Each Multiplier increases thevalue of Eggs chosen after the Multiplier Pick.

After the bonus game is played, all Chickens reset to the left side of the reels with new feature multipliers on the right side of the screen.

Game Specifications


Rad+ Enabled




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