Radi8 Keeps Players In-the-Know with its New Notification Center

Radi8 released its in-game notification center across all its games to better deliver exciting news and motivating messages to players.

With the notification center, players will stay updated on upcoming titles, promotional offers, personal achievements, and engagement tips all in one place. While in-game, players will be alerted with timely push messages that motivate players to engage more. All news and messages can be viewed in any game, at any time, all in one convenient place with just a click of the notification center icon.

“With all the additional engagement options and variations of player journeys that Rad+ offers players playing Radi8 games, communication during the in-game experience becomes imperative. The idea is to centralize that communication in one place for the player’s convenience,” says Peyman Zadeh, Brand Owner of Radi8 Games.

In the near future, the notification center will also act as a gateway for casinos to send custom messages to players with relevant information, maximizing player engagement further. Notification center is just one of many exciting cross-game features planned on Radi8’s roadmap. It also further reinforced Radi8’s commitment to transcend the slot experience beyond the spin.


8 July 2019

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6 December 2018

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