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Radi8 games are now available on NewSlotGames.net, a site which specializes on writing about online slot machines, and on providing their visitors with reviews and screenshots of these games. NewSlotGames.net is a site where you can find a variety of slot machines, many of them reviewed even before they become available to the public. We’re a team of slot machine players, and we enjoy playing these games, and then letting you all know about our experience with them. We constantly test out new games and features, and we let our readers know about most of the slot machines being released. The aim is to be one of the first to write about a new game, and to be a reliable source of information for our players.

As we try to keep players entertained, and to tell them what kind of experience they will find in each game, from low to high volatility, this allows them to only spend time and resources on the content that will be enjoyable to them.
We, at NewSlotGames.net, believe that slot machines should be enjoyed as entertainment, and that the player's safety is most important. Make sure you have limits on how much you allow yourself to spend,
and stick to them, making yourself stop if you get close to those boundaries. Don't gamble with more money than you can afford to lose. 

We welcome Radi8 and their games to our site, and we're looking forward to testing and writing about their new slot machines.

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About Genesis Gaming:
Genesis, is a leading gaming provider in the gambling industry with more than 10 years of experience in providing over 200 engaging gaming titles. Genesis aims to lead the gaming landscape with innovative and market differentiating games which keep players highly entertained and captivated. All of Genesis products have been developed on a powerful backend platform (IntelliGen) which ensures a seamless player experience and a stable and secure integration.

About Radi8:
What differentiates Radi8 games is the powerful in-game loyalty platform designed to help extend game play and increase player lifetime value. Players accumulate and cultivate Radcoins (Loyalty credits) which can then be used to improve their chances of winning while playing. The Radi8 portfolio of games are designed with optimisation for mobile in mind, to attract a new breed of players who are looking to not only win big but enjoy a highly immersive and entertaining gaming experience, indoors and on-the-go.

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