Bubble Fortune to Make a Popping Debut for Genesis Group as a First-of-its-kind Game

Genesis Group looks to bring an exciting and fresh gaming experience with the highly anticipated title, Bubble Fortune, in December.

Where conventional slot games lack the oomph for the emerging, younger class of gamblers, Bubble Fortune will solve it. The game draws on the highly-addictive classic, Bubble Shooter, with a gambling twist. Players will have a go at high payouts when popping bubbles for an engaging mix of control and anticipation. Special features and collectibles will give players a better chance to win while time and shot scores keep players chasing top rankings.

“The challenge was weaving the gambling mechanics into the gameplay so that the overall game didn't feel like a slot game was just lumped onto an existing arcade video game. Hundreds of hours of design work and sophisticated prototyping was invested in making sure the Bubble Fortune player has a fun and challenging time clearing levels and chasing power-up bubbles, but also making sure they get the thrill and excitement that only a real gambling game can provide,” says Michael Lee, Chief Innovation Officer, Genesis Group.

Bubble Fortune will see a continuous evolution in motivational features even after launch including but not limited to promotional tournaments, new levels, and achievements for players to pursue. The launch of this title will also come with the unveiling of a new brand under the Genesis banner. The new Bunfox Games brand sets focus on solving the challenge online casino operators face today; an increasingly competitive landscape along with the decline of traditional slot game players. With only two percent of 21-to-34-year-olds playing traditional slots today, Bubble Fortune along with future titles under Bunfox sets focus on catering to the new generation of gamblers who seek the enjoyment of gameplay in their betting experience.

Genesis partners will take advantage of Bubble Fortune's first-of-a-kind paramount debut in December in the Asian market.

About Genesis Group
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