Da Hong Bao Gold

Da Hong Bao Gold
Da Hong Bao Gold, a 4 x 5, 50 lines online slot game that give players a chance to win up to 888x in Extra Bonus and Grand Jackpot features!
In Asia, Hong Bao (red packet) is a symbol of celebration and fortune, elders will give out red packets to the younger generation during the Lunar New Year festival as a symbol of good fortune in the coming year. The younger generation will also give red packets to the elders as a wish of longevity for the aged. Genesis rolls out Da Hong Bao Gold, a sequel to the successful Da Hong Bao where this game preserves its engaging feature of Lucky Spins but in additional, added new features of Fortune Spins, Dragon Spins and Extra Bonus! These special features give away wins up to 8x, 18x, 88x and up to 888x, keeping your fingers glued to these big wins!